The Crumb & Co. Experience

There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into our fresh pillowy doughnuts on the day of delivery. Crumb & Co. is a small batch bakery specializing in creative pastry and bakes. We are a local home-grown concept bringing to you the freshest most delectable sweet creations. 

Our Philosophy

Crumb & Co. was born out of love and a lifetime of passion for baking and all things sweet. Every item we release has its own unique journey and the story makes each bite more meaningful. 


These donuts are super light and indulgent and balanced and perfect and all the good things! This was a 10/10. Best I’ve ever had!
Crumb and Co - the perfect doughnut for our family. We loved the everything box as a taster package for our family. Each delectable doughnut flavour hit the the taste notes as described and we now know our favourites as a family. Looking forward to our next order.
I had been wanting to try these donuts for a while and I decided to treat my colleagues! They did not disappoint we devoured them. A favourite was the passion fruit curd and the raspberry jam. Will definitely be ordering again.
Fantastic! The doughnut was fluffy, light and really well baked and I don’t usually enjoy anything with fillings but something about your doughnuts drew me in so I had to try the fillings. And they were excellent. The passionfruit curd was very smooth and creamy and jam and vanilla cream are such a classic. Super work!
These are by far the best donuts I've had in the world - and I'm not exaggerating. I have a massive sweet tooth and I try pastries in my travels across the globe and these are the fluffiest donuts with the most balanced filling. This was my third order in the space of 2 months.

Bake it count!

We believe in leading healthy active lifestyles, but we also believe in honoring traditions and respecting the history of a particular dessert and how it was created. So, if you are going to treat yourself then make it count!