Currently we offer 6 different flavours to help you get your fix!

Plain Sugared: Our simple sugar dusted doughnut. Soft light and fresh. Perfect with a cup of tea.


Vanilla Custard: A soft fluffy doughnut filled with a premium silky vanilla studded custard pastry cream. One of our best sellers!


Raspberry Jam: The perfect balance of tart and sweet. The raspberry jam  complements our pillowy soft doughnuts perfectly. Our classic raspberry doughnut is a favourite



Orange Chocolate: Filled with an orange custard balanced with 70% dark chocolate for the perfect chocolate orange combination 


Passionfruit Curd: A sweet and tangy passionfruit curd to balance the sweetness of the sugar-coated doughnuts



Chocolate Hazelnut Custard:  Our fluffy doughnuts filled with our house made chocolate and hazelnut pastry cream. 


(Available only in "Best of Both Worlds or Going Solo")

Vanilla Raspberry a.k.a "The Fink":  Two fan favourites combined into one for the ultimate doughnut! Tart Raspberry jam with our classic Vanilla Bean Custard.

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