There are 12 flavour options to choose from:

Plain Sugared: Our simple sugar dusted doughnut. Soft light and fresh. Perfect with a cup of tea

Vanilla Custard: A soft fluffy doughnut filled with a premium silky vanilla studded custard pastry cream. One of our best sellers!

Raspberry Jam: The perfect balance of tart and sweet. The raspberry jam complements our pillowy soft doughnuts perfectly. Our classic raspberry doughnut is a favourite

Passionfruit Curd: A sweet and tangy passionfruit curd to balance the sweetness of the sugar-coated doughnuts

Vanilla Raspberry a.k.a "The Fink": Two fan favourites combined into one for the ultimate doughnut! Tart Raspberry jam with our classic Vanilla Bean Custard.

Tiramisu: Coffee cream lightened with mascarpone. A favourite. Tiramisu in a doughnut. 

Banoffee Custard: Caramelised Banana custard in our signature fluffy doughnut. Topped with honeycomb. 

Chocolate: A fan favourite- smooth chocolate pastry cream stuffed into our doughnut

Spiced Sugared: Sugar and Spice and everything nice. Our standard sugared doughnuts leveled up without house blend of spices.  

Raspberry Cheesecake Cream Cheese: Our signature fluffy brioche doughnuts filled with a house cheesecake filling with raspberries and cream cheese. 

Brown Butter Custard & Salted Caramel a.k.a "The Julo": Our classic custard enriched with the sweetness and nuttiness of brown butter complemented by salted caramel encased in our signature fluffy doughnut 

Pistachio Blossom: Inspired by the region; Pistachio cream infused with a dash of orange blossom and topped with Kataifi pastry


There are 4 flavour options to choose from:

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt: Crunchy yet chewy with puddles of dark chocolate and a generous sprinkle of sea salt.
Crème Brûlée: Our signature vanilla custard stuffed into a cookie. Break into our brûléed cookie with an ooey-gooey custard center. Our creme brûlée cookie has a burnt sugar coating. On the sweeter side but oh so addictive.

Chocolate Cookie with Caramelized White Chocolate: Fudgey chocolate cookie base with chunks of caramelized white chocolate

-Salted Caramelized Pecan Chocolate Chunk): This may be our favourite cookie yet. Crunchy caramelized pecans, chunks of chocolate, and a pinch of sea salt.